Rusty Goodrich
Rusty attending the Octavioville Legends Ball.
Octavio's World character
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Age 16
Occupation Singer
Residence 1801 Copeland Crescent
Blowfish Key, Octavioville, FL (a mansion)

Rusty Goodrich is a teen singing sensation in Octavio's World. He is a young wolf who is very popular among teen girls, especially since the Floober sisters, Corinne, Maya, and the Hall twins seem to be big fans of him.

Songs from She's My GirlEdit

  • "She's My Girl"
  • "Will You Be (My Valentine)?"
  • "Let's Dance Until Dawn"
  • "692-7418 (Chloe)"
  • "Skyler"
  • "It's Christmas (In Hawaii)"
  • "Friends + Fun = ROFL"
  • "If My Life Was the Ocean"
  • "Heaven is Just A Few Minutes Away"


  • Rusty was influenced and based around teen pop artists from Gaitan's childhood at the time.

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